Envirotemp Esters: A Game Changer

Envirotemp Esters are delivering what traditional mineral oil can't - high temperature performance, improved fire safety and greater enviro protection, with a direct and positive impact on bottom lines.

Our dielectric fluid partner, Cargill, have published a fantastic new Envirotemp Fluids microsite, providing application and technical data, and real case studies on the efficiencies obtained by adopting Natural Esters as opposed to traditional mineral oil.

Check out the new microsite and discover more about Cargill's Envirotemp Esters - Envirotemp FR3 Natural Ester and Envirotemp 200 Synthetic Ester.

Insulect is distributing Envirotemp Natural Esters to OEMs and Utilities Australia wide, and we are working together in addressing a wide range of needs with respect to transformer design and asset optimisation. Would you like to be a part of this conversation?