Video: Active moisture prevention with the SDB

Comem's Self Dehydrating Breather (SDB) uses a dual tank design which can perform drying and regeneration simultaneously. In this informative new video from Comem, understand how this regeneration process works, ensuring your asset always breathes dry air.

Self dehydrating breathers use a high performance silica gel that doesn't change colour, or degrade over time. These breathers remove moisture from the air entering the transformer. But unlike conventional breathers, the SDB monitors the moisture level in the silica gel, once a system threshold is met the system activates a heater element to regenerate the gel. The Comem SDB's unique dual tank design allows for simultaneous drying and regeneration - ensuring your asset always breathes dry air.

The SDB is available from Insulect in three models - SDB-30 , SDB-15 and SDB-10 to suit a variety of applications including Online Tap Changers (OLTC).