Stainless steel pipe backing rings replaced with S2

Insulect is working with a number of companies to help reduce maintenance on pipelines. This is being done through the replacement of materials that are prematurely corroding, with a cost-effective composite alternative that is impervious to corrosion.

One of the solutions that has been put into action is the replacement of stainless steel backing rings with a specially formulated grade of glass fibre reinforced plastic. The material – from the Durolight family of composites – was developed by Rochling Engineering Plastics of Germany – Insulect’s long-term supplier partner. This particular grade of Durolight provides the excellent mechanical properties required for this application (in place of steel), at a cost that is suited to large scale roll out across an extensive pipeline network.

Other solutions under investigation include replacing stainless steel nuts and bolts with high-strength composite fasteners. Traditionally composites have been disregarded as not strong enough. However Röchling’s range of composite threaded rods and nuts are capable of tensile strengths up to 500 MPa and breaking loads of 180 kN (for M30 threaded rod and nuts). Whilst not suited to every situation, they do provide an opportunity to eliminate corrosion in a number of applications.

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