Transport X Videos: First response simplicity for DGA

Analysis of a transformer oil sample for dissolved gases by a laboratory is an established technique recognised as the most important test for monitoring power transformers. The Kelman Transport X is a compact portable Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) system which can be used to analyze oil samples for all dissolved fault gases and moisture. If abnormal levels are detected, it further provides a diagnostic using various IEEE/IEC approved interpretation rules. This is a vital piece of equipment when more frequent oil tests need to be performed on aging transformers or when an immediate on-site diagnostic is required following an alarm from a single gas DGA monitor.

Crucially the Transport X has been designed to be user friendly with an emphasis placed on easy field operation.

The videos below outline the six main operations required – including taking an oil sample – and show just how easy this device is to operate, even for a field technician who only uses it intermittently.

See the Transport X in operation or get a demonstration.