For many years, Insulect has been providing the Switchboard industry with quality insulating products. We support over 100 switchboard manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand.



Plenty of experience and understanding.

We understand the need for switchboard manufacturers to have a reliable partner, who can deliver custom built components in the timeframe required.

Our team has centuries of combined experience in the electrical industry. We talk to switchboard designers and builders almost every day - developing solutions and delivering products - with consistent quality and service levels.

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A look at what we do in Switchboards



Insulating supports & cleats

Busbar insulation supports manufactured locally to meet individual switchboard builder needs - in composites, densified wood, bakelite and switchpanel.


Standoff insulators

A full range of the most common molded standoff insulators - flame resistant glass reinforced polyester.


Insulating Accessories

We have a range of complimentary switchboard products such as heat shrink tube and brass neutral bars.



Protective guards

Polycarbonate cut to size and shape for guards and protective panels on switchboards.


Greater fire and electrical safety

Reliable insulation components are critical to switchboard safety. Insulect never compromises safety for you or your customers. We use only proven, quality materials - such as our popular UPM S1 composite for busbar cleats.

Custom manufactured to your needs

We manufacture and stock custom insulation components at two Insulect sites - Melbourne and Brisbane. We make sure we can meet your technical needs and provide timely delivery.


Get the Right Partner

We’ve had the pleasure of working with over a hundred Switchboard Manufacturers, many of whom we are proud to call regular customers. Find out if we are right for your business too.