LNG Cryogenic Insulation

Insulation solutions for LNG Liquefaction plants including cold pipe supports, pipe insulation protection, slide plates and more.

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AKM 44612/44622/44617/44618 Direct Mount Thermometers

For indication of oil (liquid) or winding temperature in power transformers. Fitted with a resettable maximum temperature pointer and up to 2 integrated switches for alarm and control functions. Available with a Pt100 electronic output for SCADA system integration or remote monitoring. 

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• Control and alarm with switches and optional SCADA output;
• Heating element is built into the thermometer probe allowing for quick and easy installation;
• Bi-metal measurement with resettable maximum pointer;
• Up to 2 user adjustable switches (contacts) for control and alarms;
• Designed and tested to ensure quality and performance;
• Corrosion resistant materials and design ensure long life.


• Available with up to 2 contacts (switches) to control cooling and trigger alarms;
• Contacts can be set to trigger anywhere within the range of 10-120°C;
• Optional SCADA (Pt100) output allows for remote monitoring and data acquisition;
• Maximum temperature pointer shows highest value reached since last reset;
• Provides accuracy within ±2°C;
• Measurement accuracy within ±2°C;
• Switching accuracy within ±3°C; OPTIONS
• Temperature ranges applicable for oil (liquid) or winding;
• Up to 2 user-adjustable switches (contacts);
• Tank connection style;
• Electrical connection type;
• Pt100 electronic output for remote monitoring;
• Integrated heater for winding simulation.


AKM 44612/44622/44617/44618 has integrated control and alarm functions and is used for temperature indication. Designed for use where the point of measurement (the well or pocket) is on the top of the apparatus and can be easily viewed.