Epoxy Glass Laminate

Epoxy Glass Laminate


Laminated under high pressure and temperature, Insulect's epoxy glass laminate is an extremely versatile product due to its excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, boasting great machinability and moisture and chemical resistance.

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Rigid Insulation for Thermal and Electrical Applications

Suited to Corrosive Environments


Which one suits my needs?

Both laminates offer excellent machinability and low moisture absorption, suitable for corrosive environments and Electro-Mechanical applications which require flame resistance. However, the FR4 has a higher operating temperature and some improved mechanical strength at elevated tempertures. 

You can download both data sheets below, which contain the designs, standards and technical specifications of both products in this range.

Should you require something outside of these parameters, please contact our customer service team below.


Machining & Fabrication

Insulect’s manufacturing capabilities form a key part of the trusted service we offer our customers. Our two modern, well equipped facilities work with a wide range of electrical, thermal and mechanical materials – including plastics, composites and cellulose-based products.

We offer short run, specialty or volume based machining and fabrication for almost any application and can produce cut-to-order sheets or finished components. Coupled with our highly-trained and experienced team, we are able to deliver on the most complex of customer requirements.

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