Lignostone® Switchboard Grade


Lignostone® Switchboard Grade


Lignostone® is a laminated densified wood that consists of beech veneers (Fagus sylvatica), which are joined together with thermosetting synthetic resins under pressure and heat.

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What is special about Lignostone® laminated densified wood?

Highest Quality Red Beech Veneers

The peeled veneers used for Lignostone® are subject to stringent quality specifications and come from sustainable forest management. Thanks to the excellent conditions in Western Europe for growing beech within a period of around 120 years, top grades of this product from logs of suitable length felled in the right locations offer extremely good homogeneity that enables them to withstand the extremely high electric stresses. In addition to its electrical strengths, due to its intact capillaries with continuous load-bearing fibres this material offers unsurpassed mechanical strength values, which depend on the direction of lamination and the densification.

Good Electrical Insulation

Low Thermal Conductivity

Withstands High Loading


Key Properties

Due to its special material properties, Lignostone® is mainly used as insulation material in transformer construction and as thermal insulation for tank supports in LNG and LPG vessels. The benefits include:

- Withstands high mechanical loading

- Good electrical insulation

- Low thermal conductivity

- Low and high temperature resistance

- Resistance to abrasion and wear

- Low coefficient of sliding friction

- Low specific weight

- Very good oil absorption


Reliability - Even After 30 Years

Our Lignostone® partner, Rochling, tested insulation components made from Lignostone® Transformerwood® after 30 years of operation at the Grohnde nuclear power station in Germany. Find out how the mechanical and electrical properties changed by downloading the brochure below.

How can I Use Lignostone®?

Semi-Finished Products

Machined Components


Available in the Semi-Finished product category is Lignostone® sheets in various qualities and dimensions. There is also standard sizing available.

Threaded rods and nuts made of Lignostone® produced in a non vacuum impregnated grade (standard) and a vacuum impregnated special grade are used in transformers.

In production, there is also CNC machined components as per customer requirements. These rings and beams are produced with either crosswire or tangential lamination.


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