Single Phase Isolating Link


Single Phase Isolating Link

  • Designed, manufactured and tested in Australia by Insulect in accordance with AS and IEC Standards
  • Available in 12/24kV, 36kV and 72.5kV Voltage ratings with a load current rating of 630 amps to 1250 amps
  • Load Break available up to 36kV 630A
  • Single and Double Insulator designs available
  • Field Earthing facilities available
  • Two finger operating Blades with pressure springs ensures excellent conductivity and avoids any hot spots during operation
  • Flicker blades for contact protection
  • Load Break design
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Insulect readily provide custom design changes to suit individual customer requirements and applications.

Insulect HV Links are installed throughout distribution networks and in substations as isolation points between HV apparatus.

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