Standoff Insulators

Standoff Insulators


Insulect Standoff Insulators are moulded of UL recognised, flame-resistant, fibreglass-reinforced thermoset polyester moulding compound. They are shatter resistant and have closer height tolerances than is commonly available in porcelain insulators. Moisture and heat resistance properties of these Insulators are higher than those of conventional plastic insulators.

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Mechanically strong and shatter resistant

Low Voltage Busbar Supports for Switchboards

Insulect stocks a wide range of sizes and styles (including both metric and imperial thread sizes) of standoff insulators, which are widely utilised in and around switchboards, electrical panels and as busbar insulating supports for indoor applications. They can also be used outdoors, however they are required to be mounted within a suitable housing or cabinet.

Close Dimensional Tolerances

Flame Resistant

High Dielectric Strength

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What You Need to Know

Download our Standoff Insulator data sheet, which contains the designs, standards and technical specifications on the most commonly requested products in this range. Should you require something outside of these parameters, please contact our customer service team below.

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