Developing FR3 filled tap changers with CTR

An interview with R V Talegaonkar, President at CTR Manufacturing Industries Ltd

CTR have developed FR3 fluid-filled tap changers with enhanced performance, based on the oil quenching technology which is 100 years old, and proven. 

Developing their new FR3 fluid-filled tap-changers, CTR took care that they have a solution that is based on advanced technology but is economical at the same time, which is what the end customers require.

At the same time, they have addressed the issue of today’s great concern about the environment and its protection, meeting the worldwide requirement for the use of biodegradable fluids such as FR3. 

CTR's newly developed FR3 fluid-filled tap changers use a reliable technology, meeting the latest requirements for safety, environmental and more.  Read more about this development in the interview with the President of CTR Manufacturing.